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BizFirst offers an innovative, comprehensive, fully integrated, modular, and highly secure product suite covering every aspect of electronic payment and self-banking.

It provides high performance authorisation switching and routing, complete ATM and POS management, advanced fraud prevention, card management, personalisation and production, billing and merchant management, and integrated internet and mobile banking.

It is based on an flexible and scalable open-systems technical foundation, delivering high performance and distributed high availability processing across all channels.


BizSwitch is the core and the transaction hub of the whole software platform. It handles transaction all authorisations flowing through the system. A highly flexible central component that supports multiple business channels and multiple protocol integrations.
Decides on routing of transactions depending on its dynamic configuration database, allowing one to change routing decisions in real-time, with no system down time.
Executes the clearing of transactions among the set of entities participating in a transaction and produces the data for the settlement process.
Card Usage Level
Controls card usage by setting limits on operations.
Real-Time Sessions
Supports real-time session management with external entities.
Non-Stop Architecture
BizSwitch has been designed as a non-stop processing environment, providing a high-availability service level.
BizATM drives ATM and Kiosk networks. It supports: Cash Withdraw, Balance Inquiry, Mini-Statement, Bank Account Transfer, Services Payments (e.g. utility bills), Government Payments, and Mobile Phone Top-Ups.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is supported for withdrawal operations.

Some of the administration operations supported are: Initialisation, Devices Testing, Captured Cards Listing, Bank Notes Reload, and Accounting Period Close.
Terminal Driving
Supports ISO 8583 terminal protocol standard (or web-based thin client). It handles both magnetic cards and card "chip" EMV transactions.
Transaction Processing
Handles processing of the transactions related to ATMs, interfacing with BizSwitch to complete the processing cycle.
Services & Advertising
Allows for additional services to be provided through ATMs or Kiosks. Provides capabilities that allow the ATM to be used as an advertising channel, taking full advantage of rich multimedia information.
Network Management
In case of ATM anomalies, the plug-in BizAlert generates alerts, which can be forwarded to maintenance teams via eMail or SMS.

BizPOS drives POS networks.

At the POS level, it supports Client Operations like Purchase, Purchase Cancellation, Refund, Service Payments (Utilities Bills), Mobile Phone Top-Ups, and Account Balance.

Magnetic stripe, EMV chip, Contactless and card not present operations are supported.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is supported for purchase operations.

BizPos provides, at the POS level, the following administration operations: Totals Enquiry, POS Transactions Enquiry and Accounting Period Close.
Terminal Drive
Supports ISO 8583 terminal protocol standard. It feeds POS Accounting Period Close information to BizSwitch for clearing purposes.
Merchant Card Brands
Defines card "brands" and acceptance rules based on BINs set. Allows for the setting of specific MSCs (Merchant Service Charges) and CSC (Cardholder Service Charges) to be applied to each card brand.
Merchant Service Charge
MSCs may be defined in multiple ways, including different definitions for different card-brands and/or transaction amounts, like "Fixed amount or percentage of transaction value with a minimum/maximum".
Service Charges
The system also allow the definition of CSC (Client Service Charge). The CSC is a commission that will be added to the transaction amount charged to the cardholder.
BizCard is the Card Management system used by issuers. It handles the complete Card Life-Cycle, namely "card request", "card logical generation", interconnection with physical card personalisation subsystem, "card activation", "card usage", transaction authorisations, and expiration/cancellation.

BizCard has a rich set of features, including: Multi-Issuer, New Cards Requests, Credit Card Account, Authorizations, Revolving Credit, Real-time Fraud Prevention, Emission and Usage Fees, Issuance of Statements, Incidents/Claims, Temporary Credit, Emergency Cards, Installment Payment and Loyalty Programs Integration.
Multi-Issuer &
BizCard supports simultaneously multiple issuers and multiple product management with different business rules, different pricing, etc.
Credit, Debit &
Pre-Paid Cards
Management of card types, namely credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards. Cards may be "private" label, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China UnionPay, Diners Club, etc.
Highly Customised
System can be customised to address multiple business needs and provides issuers with strong competitive advantage via product differentiation.
BizMobile covers both traditional mobile-banking needs and mobile-money functionality.

In the mobile-money area, it allows for Fund Transfer, Payment and Withdraws using mobile devices and does not require the end-user to have a bank account. The system manages automatically the individual virtual account associated with each mobile device.
Mobile Money
BizMobile enables funds transfer to mobile phones, using cards at an ATM or transfer from mobile-to-mobile accounts.
Withdraw at ATM
BizMobile users can withdraw cash from their virtual account at ATMs without a card, and also check their balance or print mini-statements.
Payments at POS
BizMobile users can make payments at POSs without a card.
Mobile Banking
BizMobile allow the user to execute queries and transaction over its bank account
BizFraud is a Fraud Detection and Prevention module. It detects fraudulent transactions by operating according to a set of configured rules.

BizFraud implements industry best-practices and recommendations for fraud detection. The behaviour of entities like Merchant or Card is monitored by continuously analysing specific variables and metrics.
Rules Driven Engine
Rules can be defined by MCC for a BIN, specifically for a Merchant, for a specific card, or using an association Merchant/BIN. It allow the setting of ranges of card numbers for application specific actions.
Alerts &
Transaction Refusal
Once a transaction is classified as “suspected fraud”, BizFraud can generate warning messages or even ensure that the transaction is refused at the terminal.
Monitor & Log
Provides monitoring panels for quick overview of system alerts, accordingly to their criticality level. It maintains an historic information database for subsequent detailed analysis of alerts by back-office teams.

BizFirst software suite is based on a modular software architecture that allows functionality extensions by plugging into the base infrastructure additional functional modules.
BizAlert Plug-in module that allows to send alerts and notifications to merchants and cardholders via eMail or via mobile communication services. It is commonly used for real-time end-user notification of financial transactions execution.
BizVisa Acquiring Plug-in module that implements VISA specifications, allowing for seamless interconnection with VISAnet international network for all the acquiring business activity processing, whether over ATM and POS network, Internet or other card-not-present scenarios. BizVisa Acquiring has been certified by VISA in EMEA.
BizMasterCard Acquiring Plug-in module functionally equivalent to BizVisa Acquiring, providing support for MasterCard specifications.
BizVisa Issuing  Plug-in module that implements VISA specifications for all the Issuing business activity processing. It processes real-time transactions originated in other domestic or international acquiring networks and routed through VISAnet. This module also handles clearing files submitted by VISA. BizVisa Issuing has been certified by VISA in EMEA.
BizMasterCard Issuing Plug-in module functionally equivalent to BizVisa Issuing, providing support for MasterCard specifications.
Others Other Plug-ins are available for Issuing and Acquiring American Express, China UnionPay and Diners Club.
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BizFirst offers a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of software products, spanning EFT Switch, Clearing & Settlement, Card Issuance & Management, Electronic Payments, ATM & POS drive, Mobile Banking & Mobile Money, and Fraud Detection.