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BizFirst provides a broad range of business and technology services that complement our product suite and, together, offer personalised, end-to-end solutions that addresses our customers unique needs and technical requirements, enabling tangible business results.

Our services are delivered by highly skilled individuals with profound experience in the industry, ensuring smooth path from scoping up to solution deployment into production and beyond.



Consulting Services

BizFirst offers consulting services to help assess, design and build electronic payment and self-banking solutions, while keeping them aligned with business goals, budgets, and priorities.

Based on many years of hands-on experience, Bizfirst leverage on its vast knowledge to provide reliable
advise and assistance on all domains of payments and self-banking systems setup and on-going operation, including feasibility study, functional specification, architecture definition, systems integration, and testing and migration strategies.

By understanding in great detail this industry, BizFirst consulting services can help protect existing investments, reduce implementation costs, and streamline and optimise existing business processes.

Implementation Services

Working side-by-side with our customers' teams, international payment systems, terminal equipment providers, and technical infrastructure alliance vendors, Bizfirst provides end-to-end, on-site, implementation, migration and project management services, from requirements gathering phase to go-live as a turn-key, fully operational solution.

BizFirst handles the required integration and official certification with local or international (VISA and MasterCard) interchange partners, ensuring that connectivity with such external entities are swiftly achieved in the most professional and effective of manners.

The profound experience our teams have acquired during many successful deployments and migrations ensures smooth, cost-effective, low-risk transition to the new solution. Moreover, BizFirst is widely recognised as a leader in fast project implementation.

Development Services

Quite often specific bespoken software development are required to meet particular business needs or technical constraints. BizFirst development labs are able to handle special requests and provide practical, fully integrated and quality tested tailored extensions, sometimes delivered in the form of plug-ins to its base product suite, to address such needs.

Training Services

BizFirst provides a comprehensive set of instructor-led training programs, covering all aspects of systems operations. These training programs ensure smooth handover of the solution, helping our customers to run their systems, securely, on a daily basis, and in a effective and self-suficient way.

Normally, standard training sessions are held, on-site, as the system is ready to go live and are aimed at both business and technical end-users. It involves hands-on workshops, enabling a full knowledge transfer through operating the actual system.

However, specific, customised training contents can be tailor-made to address special project needs.

Bizfirst can also supplementary customised training contents, tailor-made to address special customer/project needs.

Support & Maintenance Services

BizFirst customers are long-term, continuous relationships. BizFirst understands that the project lifecycle goes well beyond delivering and handing over a solution and we offer on-going, remote, technical support, able of handling any issues that may arise, and providing the fastest resolution. Technical support is provided by highly proficient experts on BizFirst solutions.

In addition to technical support hotline assistance, system maintenance involves regular system updates that reflect recommendations, specifications changes generated by the payment systems, changes at operating systems levels, or, for instance, modifying the solution in order to comply with legislation amendments. Bizfirst engineering team is also continuously investigating and developing new ways to guarantee that our mission-critical solutions offer the maximum reliability and performance possible and, proactively, delivers new functionality to our customer base.

For customers with extended requirements in terms of technical support, BizFirst support services can be tailored to address such specific needs.

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