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Bizfirst cover a large spectrum of solutions, encompassing: Payment Systems, Switching, Self-Banking, and Clearing & Settlement.

BizFirst solutions support multiple customer channels, like ATM, POS, Kiosk, iTV, Internet Portal, PDA, or Mobile Phones. Our solutions handle multiple ATM and POS equipment vendors and industry standard protocols, such as ISO8583.

Bizfirst solutions incorporate most advanced technologies adopted to insure transaction integrity, authentication and privacy. All business rules and "driving" software run on datacenter secure environment using HSM strength. These solutions are highly scalable and technology platform independent, running on multiple technological platforms, like Linux, Unix, or Windows.



POS Management &
Merchant Management

Bizfirst offers a sophisticated point-of-sale terminal management solution, providing Device Driving, POS Network Management, Merchants & Contracts Management, and Transaction Data Capture & Switching. It offers also a set of value-added services such as Refunds, Bill Payment and Mobile Top-Ups over the POS network. It supports ISO 8583 terminal standard protocol, compatible with major POS brands and handles most of card types, namely, Pre-Paid, Credit and Debit, Private Label and Loyalty, using Magnetic, EMV, or Contactless technologies. The solution provides advanced tools for POS network management, including information/alerts related to errors, maintenance, and consumables.

Due to its flexible configurable architecture, the solution allows for quick and cost-efficient development and deployment of new services.

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ATM Management

Bizfirst offers a comprehensive ATM and Kiosk management solution that help financial institutions easily deploy self-service applications and securely and reliabily manage their networks and, at the end, derive more value out of their ATM and Kiosk investments. The solution provides a large range of convenient services such, as cash Withdrawal, Balance and Statement Inquiries, Chequebook Request, Cash Deposit, Check Deposit, PIN Change, Daily Settlement, Balancing & Reconciliation, and also end-user added value functionality like Phone Top-Ups, Bill & Tax Payment. The solution also allows enables entities to target specific messages at customers, or groups, for instance, with messages to support marketing campaigns.

The solution automates many routine maintenance tasks, and provides operators with convenient tools for management facilities, continuous events monitoring and problems/alert, notifications to supervisors, etc.. It supports ISO 8583 terminal protocol standard, or web-based thin client. It handles both magnetic cards and card "chip" EMV.

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Card Personalisation &
Card Management

Bizfirst Card management solution enables issuers to swiftly define, personalise and issue a new card product, be it a Credit, Debit, Private Label or a Pre-Paid, and then manage its complete life-cycle from cancelation to termination, including rule-based pricing and comprehensive accounting. User can define card features in order to address specific marketing strategies goals and promote customer behaviours, for instance, setting prices, interest rate, instalments, revolving credit, issuing and usage fees, temporary credit level, create an incentive plan for volume purchases, implement business strategies with loyalty schemas or acquisition programs, etc. Coupled with BizFirst fraud detection products, it offers a powerful real-time integrated fraud prevention mechanism.

Linked to its Card Management solution, BizFirst also offers card production software that tracks every aspect of card personalization and PIN printing and mailing, enabling a secure, timely and cost-effective response to issuers needs. It handles data preparation, embossing, magnetic stripe encoding and EMV chip initialisation for both in-house and third-party printing and distribution by external service bureau.

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Authorisation Switching

BizFirst provides a mission-critical, highly reliable and scalable, real-time, rules-driven switching platform through which routing and authorisation of electronic transactions are processed. Its performance and critical reliability have been proven in real-world situations. The solution delivers end to end management from the transaction acceptance point all the way to the issuer and back again. It is a SEPA and EMV compatible platform that handles authorisation, routing, settlement reconciliation, chargeback, stand-in authorisation and upload, retrieval request, fees collection, interchange management, automatic key management between networks, real-time session management for Issuers and acquirers, interfaces and stand-in authorisation, seamlessly across multiple channels, such as ATMs and POSs terminals, and the internet and mobile payment vehicles. It manages the incoming and outgoing clearing process with international payment networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and Diners Club, and national or regional payment schemes, thus providing universal connectivity.

BizFirst switching solution has been engineered to offer advanced flexibility. It is easy to customise and its rules-driven configuration offers a quick and simple way to define authorisation routing, switching, verifications and usage. The solution is not constrained by transactions type, devices, channels, interfaces, hardware, operating system, networks.

With a set of plug-in application modules available by BizFirst, the capabilities of the solution can be further expanded to address specific industry needs. Several plug-ins are pre-installed to support basic functions such as specific interfaces and specific authorisation protocols.

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Fraud Detection

Bizfirst offers a sophisticated a solution for Fraud Detection and Prevention, an across all-channels, ever vigilant, real-time solution that helps enhancing confidence in online payments, reducing direct financial costs associated with merchant or card-based fraud and, above all, protecting reputation of our financial service customers and before their customers are affected. By online matching of transactions against a set of business-driven rules, looking for atypical patterns that indicate abnormal activity and errant behaviors, obvious fraudulent transactions are rapidly detected and stopped and suspicious transactions can be marked for further investigation. The solution provides a flexible risk management tool, based on a rules-based engine, that allows for quick definition of monitoring policies. It is pre-configured with a large set of industry best-practices, policies recommendations for fraud detection, and other financial institutions experiences.

BizFirst Fraud Detection solution acts as an continuously running agent, looks at all transactions, not a sample, detecting fraudulent and suspicious transactions, applying financial institutions own risk rules and applying the corresponding action as, for instance, automatically adjust authorisation request responses or automatically notifying clients or operational staff through a range of communication channels. like eMail and/or SMS. Statistical reports are produced to allow for the adjustment of rules to keep improving detection efficiency.

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Mobile Banking &
Mobile Money

BizFirst provides solutions for both Mobile Banking and Mobile Money.

In a world of ubiquitous mobile communications, banks are increasingly using mobile devices as channels to remotely provide a rich set of bank services to their customers. BizFirst Mobile Banking solution let customer conveniently manage their cards and accounts and offers multiple banking services, including balance inquiry, min-statement request, PIN change, bill payment, transfer funds between accounts, handle automatic and recurring payments, control investments, manage profile, receive pre-configured alerts, service activation, mobile top-ups, etc., anytime and on the move. The solution is built on a security foundation that guarantee customer information and account access remains protected.

BizFirst offers a comprehensive solution for Mobile Money, supporting mobile payment and money transfer services that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing switching hub. The solution supports merchant payment or peer-to-peer payments such as mobile to mobile or card to mobile. Users can transfer money between accounts on the same mobile banking platform or to an external beneficiary. The solution provides a powerful connection between the mobile device (and the virtual account associated with) and the ATM or POS networks, allowing, for instance, options for paying at POSs without a card, cash-in and cash-out on ATMs, POSs, bank branches or at partners shops, or allowing users to withdraw money from ATMs, by simply using their mobile devices, while not being required to have a bank account. The solution manages automatically the individual virtual prepaid account associated with each mobile device.

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Oracle Cloud Integration

BizFirst provides cloud based solutions.

BIZFIRST solutions are installed at Oracle Cloud and therefore clients all around the world are able to use BIZFIRST software as a service for processing, namely, Credit/ Debit/ Pre-Paid cards transactions, ATM networks, POS networks, Mobile money/wallet managing and processing services.


BIZFIRST has a modern and flexible Microcredit solution that allows multiple microcredit products to be defined and made available to the clients on different channels

 • Clients may apply at an ATM for a microcredit approved instantly (according to pre-defined rules, parameters and limits), and receive it in cash at the ATM

 • Clients may apply in a Smartphone "app" (Android or iOS) for a microcredit approved instantly (according to pre-defined rules, parameters and limits), and receive it in its "Mobile Wallet"


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BizFirst offers a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of software products, spanning EFT Switch, Clearing & Settlement, Card Issuance & Management, Electronic Payments, ATM & POS drive, Mobile Banking & Mobile Money, and Fraud Detection.